Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bicycle Theft Action Report

From Aurisha Smolarski, Campaign and Communications Director of LACBC:

LACBC, folks from Echo Park Cycles and other cyclists showed up to the meet and greet with Chief Charlie Beck on Saturday, November 21st where we alerted him that physical assaults on cyclists, harassment by motorists and bicycle thefts have been increasing in LA.

Chief Beck is interested in addressing these issues seriously and has assigned Lieutenant Andre Dawson, as the bicycle liaison in his office to work with us on addressing these concerns.

LAPD will be putting together a work group to continue to work with cyclists on addressing these issues. LACBC will also continue to work with them to develop educational material that all their officers will be required to view during their roll call and training.
Here is what you can do now!

Report all assaults, thefts or acts of harassment, regardless of how minor they are. It is an initial step that we can do now, to help them track and identify where these problems are happening and to help them identify suspects.

-Call in and report incident to LAPD precinct in area of occurrence*
-If you are assaulted: give as much info as possible regarding suspect, license plate, color of car, clothing they were wearing, etc
-If your bike was stolen: give then as much info about the bike, serial #, color of bike, make/model, suspect info, etc

*If the officer refuses to take the report or says that they do not have time, that it is not a crime or any other excuse, call Lieutenant Andre Dawson at 213-792-3551 and explain the situation to him.

He has assured us that he will make sure to take care of it and hold the officers accountable for what is happening in the area.

Let your bike buddies know!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bike Day LA version 3

This Sunday, November 15th from 3-9pm at 1500 N.Cahuenga Blvd.

The proceeds from the day will be donated to US! This is a super sweet idea put on by a fantastic foursome (and pals.) Sometimes people just come together and create great ideas. Their website is really clear and to the point, aesthetically pleasing and the energy direct. We are super stoked to be the beneficiaries of such awesomeness and encourage you to come out and support this and future versions. From their homepage:

we are four bicycle riders from all over california who now all live in los angeles. we have a love for riding and everything that comes along with the culture. we feel so strongly about what we love, that while building a sense of community, we would like to give back to those around us. we put on events for all bike riders and encourage all people, young and old, bike rider or not, to come out. all of our events are to benefit an organization with a positive social cause.

Bicycle Kitchen will be there with some brand new snazzy tshirts and hoodies and tools and smiles. Hope to see you there! http://bikedayla.org/

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Habeas Lounge

The Bicycle Kitchen will be participating in a discussion about bicycles and public transportation and LACBC will be there with some bike valet! Come on Down!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Pantry

The Bicycle Kitchen took over the old Orange 20 space with the goal of transforming it into a dedicated classroom space. Imagine spending your Saturday learning all about bottom brackets! Or, a personal cocina favorite, "Demystifying the Derailleur."

Last Thursday, two rad cookies, John and Jim, poured concrete and mounted the workstand. And almost the entire inside is painted in chalkboard paint as a live old-skool teaching aide. We left the chickens, of course!

Monday, November 2, 2009


What with our new appointment policy, we could sure use:

Chairs and two tables for outside

and of course, we can always use MORE BICYCLES!!!

Ride On.