Friday, February 5, 2010

Earn-A-Bike Gets Helmets!

From Left: Jen, Rigo, Arlette, Gabby, Jose and Elson

Thanks to the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, the kids of Earn-a-Bike can go on their bike ride on Tuesday with their very own helmets! On Thursday, Jennifer Moran and Elson Trinidad, from EHNC came to what started out to be a low attendance EAB to present the helmets which had arrived the day before. They even brought clip lights with their logo to add to the fun! We took the obligatory group shot and tried to convince the kids to let Jen interview them for their "Imagine East Hollywood" project to no avail. As Jen was leaving, the rest of the fellas showed up and they picked out theirs. Hopefully, Jennifer and Elson will join us on Tuesday! EAB and the Bicycle Kitchen say "Thanks a million!"

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