Monday, May 17, 2010

Arch & Wiener Tango::NOT-AN-ALLEYCAT RACE


A "not-an-alleycat" race for teams of two that starts at the Bicycle Kitchen at 12 noon. After the race stick around for Tubesteaks Under the Stars!

The Arch and Wiener Hustle is a checkpoint race through the alleys of East Hollywood and the hills of Silverlake. Isn't that romantic?

Oooh yeah, just like you with your significant other: teams of two will split up, take on their own challenges, meet up at check points, and get all sorts of messy.

And, believe me, baby. There will be a top AND a bottom. Did we mention this involves hot dogs? Get some.

Check-in begins at 11. Race starts at Noon. Real Noon, not Hipster Noon. Prizes for the first three wieners. That's not a pun.

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