Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Neighborhood

Since the Bicycle Kitchen/La Bicicocina moved to the block in 2005, a lots happened with other storefronts surrounding us. A potshop begat the Under the Gun Tattoo Parlor and smokeshop; the Pure Luck Korean restaurant begat Pure Luck Vegan Beer garden started by an old cook, Ben Ling; National Mule art studio begat Cateye, vintage eyeglass shoppe and the little orange shack across the street was the first Orange 20, also started by 2 cooks, TJ and Jim C and when they moved to the bigger space on the corner we took it over. The only thing steady around here in the last 5 years besides us and Pizza Pauls is Scoops, home of the tastiest homemade ice cream around.

So, what's new? Welp, the orange shack which we were affectionately calling The Pantry has begat a groovy green colored bicycle powder coating shoppe called The Fixx Carlton! And City College Cafe has begat Cafécito, coffeeshop number two in Cafécito Orangico's mini-empire of Angel Orozco and Mitch Hale in partnership with the Bicycle Kitchen's very own, Molly Ortiz! Super exciting. So here's how you can plan an afternoon for the block, affectionately known as the Bicycle District:

1. Make an appointment for noon at the Bicycle Kitchen to strip your bike of its parts.
2. Drop it off at The Fixx Carlton for a powder coat of your favorite color.
3. Get yourself a tasty cup of fresh drip by the cup from Cafécito.
4. Check out the hot frames and sunglasses at Cateye.
5. Walk across the street to Orange 20 and pick-up some new parts for your bike or cycling cap.
6. Check out Vlad the Retailer next to O20. He silkscreens his own designs onto tshirts.
7. Eat a vegan lunch and drink a tasty local brew at Pure Luck.
8. Check in on your bike.
9. Go back across the street and get an ice cream cone from Scoops.
10. Make an appointment at the Bicycle Kitchen to reassemble your bike.

Come Back!

You can also get tattoed at Under the Gun, check out the Fake Gallery next to the Ukrainian Cultural Center, get properly fitted for a brassiere at Jenette's Bras, meditate at Against the Stream, take a class at LACC and/or eat a pizza at Pizza Paul's! There's even theaters, the Faultline and used bookstore nearby.

Ah, the neighborhood. Just be sure and ride your bike, cuz parking SUXX!

Ride On.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cooks

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