Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quarterly Cooks Meeting::Yeah!

March Quarterly Cooks Meeting right after our tasty lunch.

Did you know that the Bicycle Kitchen is an all-volunteer run endeavor? Our volunteers are called Cooks cuz they cook up bikes and they make all the decisions about what happens on a daily basis. Our Board of Directors is made up of Cooks and they meet monthly. We also have Quarterly Cooks Meetings where we close up shop on a Sunday and ride somewhere and meet from like noon to 4pm. Not only do we make decisions about stuff, this is where we vote in Shadows to become Cooks! This means they've "shadowed" ten shifts, had fun with the Shadow workbook and attended an orientation and have decided they like us enough to stick around.

We just had our meeting this past Sunday.

A big hearty welcome to new Cooks, Maribeth, Nick and Kris! On that welcome tip, at our December Cooks meeting we welcomed Matthew, Bobby and Alessandro.

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