Friday, August 19, 2011

The Urban Biking Handbook::OUT NOW!

The Bicycle Kitchen is full to bursting with pride for author, Charles Haine and photographer Drew Bienemann. Read below!

The Urban Biking Handbook: The DIY Guide to Building, Rebuilding, Tinkering with, and Repairing Your Bicycle for City Living

Written by Cook (volunteer), Charles Haine who spent 6 years at the Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles formulating ideas on riding bikes in cities, especially cities that some consider not cycling friendly, the Urban Biking Handbook is designed for the beginning rider (or even the non-rider) who wants to start using the bicycle as a means of transit for city living. It's full of technical info, bike trivia and helpful lifestyle hints to make using your bike in the city easy and convenient as possible.

Currently, we have a limited amount for sale at the Bicycle Kitchen. You can also pick it up from the publisher, Quarry or that other online bookseller. : )

Congratulations, Chuck!

Ride On.

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