Monday, December 14, 2009

Echo Park Community Parade

Every year the Bicycle Kitchen is invited to lead off the Echo Park Community Parade. This year we got rained out! But that didn't stop Gabriel, Kelly and even Paolo from Echo Park Film Center to show up with soggy santa hats, a wacky outfit and our trusty bikes! We even recruited neighborhood bmx bike buddy, Michael to join us. While standing around waiting for the parade to begin, there was a respite from the rain, but THE MINUTE they gave us the go sign, it started to pour! Gabriel, Kelly, Paolo and Michael rode loop-de-loops around the flag-carrying boyscouts laughing and smiling and whooping it up and as we crossed Sunset and Echo Park, they announced, "Leading off the parade, representatives from the Bicycle Kitchen!" and someone ran out and handed us a trophy! Tradition has it that we ride the trophy over to the Saturday crew at the Kitchen right after, but not this year. We had to pass that trophy on to our rad new friend, Michael. Handing him the trophy and asking if we could take a photo, he said, "I never got a trophy before!" If that doesn't put you in the Holiday spirit, nothing will!!!

WoOoT WoOoT!

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