Friday, December 18, 2009

Holidaze Bikes

From Dr. Rot, a.k.a. Kreigh Hampel
of the Burbank Recycling Center

Thanks to the Kitchen, a little cash, some spare parts, locks, lights,
helmets and a few "Oh, I have a bike in the garage you can have"
manifestations, we wrenched eight bikes back to life for kids who are
hungry for a little of the good stuff.

Getting these bikes back up on their wheels was made easier with some
generous helping friends and their stories of first bike rides as kids.
There were plenty of (oh, funny now) crash and burns, bruises and
scrapes, wind and G forces, eating gravel in curves, near-death jumps at
the bottom of hills and street hell at the mercy of cars. Collectively,
there were life years spent exploring back waters, empty lots and lost
worlds. These simple wheeled machines running on muscle, pulse and
breath are rhythmical, musical, joyous.

Thanks to you and all the BK cooks for making the holidays over here a
treat for not only the kids who will ride off on their first holiday
indie adventures, but also for the working wrenchers that came together
for the greater good and some sweet story telling.

Everyone who sees the new recycled fleet lights up in

Happy holidays!


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