Monday, March 15, 2010

Another great Reason to Support the Bicycle Kitchen: MOBILE BICI!

Last Thursday David Lane took some tools and tubes and parts on the basket of his bike to the Las Americas Hotel to work on some bikes for the residents of this affordable housing unit of the Skid Row Housing Trust. It was a beautiful, almost Spring day on the back patio. A perfect, quiet few hours to work on bikes and make new friends. Bike Oven also does workshops there and they donated some bikes that Paul, a caseworker there and budding bicycle mechanic/enthusiast, brought up from the basement for residents to pick out and fix up.

A couple of folks came by who had seen the flyers for quick repairs like replacing a disintegrating pedal and brakepad or swapping out a wheel. Kelly was on hand to help with these quick requests while David worked his magic on a couple of bikes that looked near demise. To see more photos from the workshop go here.

This is the third workshop he's set up and he and Paul talked about setting up a regular monthly workshop. Cables and brake pads and tubes and other parts, not to mention the workshop itself are all donated by the Bicycle Kitchen (and Bike Oven.) Speaking for the Bicicocina, we do these mobile workshops because it's another way to fulfill our mission, "
to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building maintaining, and riding bicycles." Won't you encourage us to do more of these by donating to our Five Year Fundraiser?

Or how about a donation to the Skid Row Housing Trust in our name?

Ride On!

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