Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mobile Bici on Wednesdays!

mobile bici and city of lights at IDEPSCA

parts sorter all the way from humboldt!

Every Wednesday from 9am to noon, finds cooks Arlen and Ramon downtown on Main at 18th Street at IDEPSCA's day laborer center. There, in a workroom with guitars along one wall, you can find folks busy at work fixin' bikes, natch! As mentioned before, in partnership with LACBC's City of Lights program, the Bicycle Kitchen is helping to teach bicycle mechanics. Another awesome CoL volunteer, Woody, brought this amazing old metal sorter down from Humboldt and then he and Ramon BIKED it downtown from his place in Hi-Fi! Couldn't resist the photo. It wouldn't really fit at the current Kitchen space, but it's pretty much a perfect thing for bike parts, no?

In other news, we're still fundraising! Reaching the end of the first month and the response so far has been super. We want to give you a heads up that the planned block party with Orange 20 has been cancelled, BUT we are going to throw a BBQ in honor of and right next to the Pantry! It's scheduled for Sunday, April 4th. Keep your eyes peeled here for details. And, hey, come get your bike washed by the kids of Earn-A-Bike this Sunday!!!

Ride ON!

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