Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fundraising is FUN!

eric potter and molly o having fun

some of the fellas playing parking lot bike polo

The Pantry Parking Lot BBQ was a hoot! We lost power! There was an earthquake!! The tofu sticks burned! But, no worries: car stereo gave us some tunes until the power came back. the earth rolled on. the tofu marinade was delectable! there were two dollar burgers, some delicious home brew by eastside brewers and pure luck's bling. we played bike polo. we raffled off an AVOCADO from bledsoe's flophouse, as well as a truvativ crankset, some workshops, a bike belt, a handmade leather business card holder from oscar sanchez and a kitchen relic--a fool bag handmade by feddy feds back in the day. the boys of TOLA held down the corner by the vintage truck and with all the love and support an easter sunday could muster we raised $700!!!

it was so much fun we're going to do it again so. afterall, we have giant ketchups and mustards to go through. it was a GOOD day!!!

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