Monday, April 12, 2010

TOLA's Throwing a Race for our Fundraising Campaign!

Takeover LA
, blogspot and bike events producers are throwing a race and donating the $5 entry fee to the Bicycle Kitchen!

It's on Saturday, April 17th. Meets and Begins at Orange20. Register at 2pm and then the race starts at exactly 2:30pm.

There are eastside and westside checkpoints. You determine what checkpoint you go to by rolling a six side die. It's really the luck of the racers roll; you could be winning and right by the finish line, but you roll the die and come up with a checkpoint that's far away, and you lose the day. While on the other hand, a racer could be having a poor start or mechanical difficulties, then bewm, they roll for all the checkpoints close to each other and win the day!! It's anybody's game.

Sounds like a good ole time and a good ole cause. C'mon out and take a ride with Lady Luck, courtesy of TOLA.


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