Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet the Cooks::Arlen Jones!

Name: Arlen Jones

Cookin' since: 2007

Holds down: Mondays recently, though that's debatable. My baby is La Bici Digna, which is a Bicycle Kitchen-founded co-op located at a day labor center in Downtown. We're developing the space so that the folks at the center and the neighborhood can run the co-op themselves and it can be a community resource to cyclists in Downtown and Skid Row.

Rides: iGreen KHS 29er single-speed mountain bike with fatty slicks. Some jerkos stole it last Day of the Dead, but I stole it back. Thank you.

How'd you hear about the Kitchen: Bored and looking for group rides, heard about a block party with vegan sandwiches and beer, sponsored by something called the 20 orange. Rode with my buddy from Sylmar. We drank and rode around the neighborhood for the first time. Within a period of 6 hours we blew through our 3 spare tubes (don't hop curbs, kids. and don't remove a tire with a car key) and walked our failed selves back to the block, party over, night descended. Two ladies in summer dresses (KELLY and RAMONA!!!) invited us into the kitchen and showed us how to actually replace our tubes (without ruining them), as well as how to patch a tube. Then, they told us to come and volunteer. The rest is history...

Where's your favorite place to ride your bicycle? In traffic.

What do you do when you're not at Kitchen? Organize friends and family for the zombie apocalypse. Read books. Wrench and teach at La Bici Digna (again!). Hang out with my cool girlfriend.

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